Kid Doodle


Some days, you don’t have time to post something big, ya know?

Sneak Peek


Here’s a glimpse of a project I’m working on. It’s already a completed dummy*. (This is a big deal. The process leading up to the book dummy takes forever.) Here’s hoping an editor somewhere likes it…

* A ‘dummy’ is a picture book mockup that helps editors decide whether you will succeed in life.

Milton Glaser


A quick little sketch I did of Milton Glaser while my students were working on a project. If you don’t know who Milton Glaser is, here’s his site. He’s the guy who created I ♥ NY, among a bazillion other designs.



Icarus knew that the string was his only chance of escaping the labyrinth alive.

Happy Hobo


Drew this on a post-it note a while back. Cleaned it up a bit in Photoshop.



It’s not your birthday, Napoleon. Plus, you weren’t quite as humble as Mr. Washington seems to have been. But you do have a cool hat.

Oliver Twist


I made this just to play around with halftones and textures. Kinda fun. The layout has some odd trapped spaces, and Oliver is looking off to the left with very little lead room for his face. I thought this sort of tension worked, since the story is about a boy caught in difficult circumstances.

My wife hates the musical, Oliver! I think she can’t get past the boy’s soprano voice. We used to make fun of the line “just thinking of growing fat” all the time at my house, but I love the movie.


No story here. Just a kid. With the secret to all human knowledge tucked inside his pocket.


Sketchbook Doodads


I’ve really liked working with the Pentallic Nature Sketch books. The paper’s nice and thick, and it has a good texture to it. Plus, it makes it easier to draw weird-looking hats, robots, and things drifting away on balloons.



I’m not sure how well this guy’s doing in the Scripps Howard Intergalactic Spelling Bee, but at least he has a cool sweater.



Maybe it’s because I think their robes are so cool, but I started drawing monks recently. I know very little about Buddhism and Buddhist monks, so I’ve started learning a little more about them. I have it on pretty good authority that Buddhist monks do eat rice. (Thanks, Wikipedia. You’re the best.)

Old Lady

She looks like she may have swallowed a fly. Not sure.

Jimmy Dean


Doodled this the other day and thought it looked like a (really) young James Dean.

The Coolest Elf

I was just thinking of all of Santa’s elves who made it big after leaving the North Pole. This guy’s name came up.


I made this image for Highlights magazine a couple of years ago but never posted it. There. Now I have. It was a full-page illustration for a poem about making a jack-o-lantern out of the moon.


Being from Arizona, I like to sketch mesas. All the time.

Master and Man

Leo Tolstoy is one of my favorite authors, as you may know. So I thought I’d make a book cover for one of my favorite stories by him.


This is how I take notes when I go to lectures.

Fishing machine?

I’m not sure why you would need a headset for this machine, but it does have cool squiggly leg-like things on the bottom.

Traveling Pigeon

Pigeons sometimes get a bad rap for being dirty and kinda dumb – which I never understood since pigeons and doves are pretty much the same thing except for their size and coloring. Anyway, this pigeon apparently doesn’t worry about that. He travels the world without a care. Another few images from an iPad book for ilearn4free.

Girl With Scarf

If my wife shrunk back to a kid again, she might look like this.

Some Trees

Filled my sketchbook with trees one day. Trees are awesome.

Monster Sketch

I must’ve seen the Monsters University trailer last week. Yep. Yep I did.


A quick doodle from my sketchbook.

Bird with eggs

I’m not sure why you’d need a nest if your eggs hang from branches, but this bird has a nest just the same.